Panel PC all-in-one

NEXCOM all-in-one Panel PC acts as a useful tool to enrich passenger's transportation experience. Catering to fast growing demand for reliable, market-proven all-in-one Panel PCs for passenger information applications, NEXCOM runs dedicated teams from mechanical design, software programming to technical support to serve the industry seamlessly. Not to speak of ruggedized, fanless industrial design for improved durability to fit into indoor and outdoor environments, rich I/O ports are equipped for smooth integration with LCD displays as well as external devices.

Prodotti Modello Display Audio Media Perfromance Storage / Daisy Chain
09bc394b-b621-4cd3-bc36-ee61c1c94acb TPPC 2210 TFT LCD
panel 21.5",
2 x Speaker 1 x 1080P - / TX
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