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Controlli per Automazione Macchine

NexMotion Machine Automation Controller (MAC series) is the 4/8-axis scalable motion controllers. The MAC series enables to support pulse & analog command from basic to advanced motion control functions and 3rd party PCI/PCIe cards allowing integration of various machine automation applications.

Prodotti Modello Number of Axes Command Type Digital I/O Software Support
bb9bc18e-b4b9-48d5-b9eb-c409bd92c678 MAC 3500-GTP 4 Pulse 16-In/16-Out VC/C++
cff2d55d-e7da-4628-8323-fa12d08539ae MAC 3500-GTS 4 Pulse/Analog 16-In/16-Out VC/C++
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